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Main Topics Covered

For a rough outline of what you can expect:

Analogue or digital?

Photo/video documentation of the patient. (Live demo)


Face scanning as powerful tool. (Live demo)

Photo/video documentation of the patient with mock-up. (Live demo)

Fabrication of provisional restorations. (Live demo on typodont)

3D staining techniques.

Esthetic cases and full mouth reconstruction using conventional approach. From A to Z.

Creating presentation in Keynote for patient/team communication. (Live demo)

Scanning strategies.

Micro invasive preparation for crowns and veneers. (Live demo of veneer preparation on typodont)

Final restorations design.

Importance of isolation.

Final documentation.

Patient’s first visit. Proper communication.

Intra oral teeth scanning. (Live demo)

3D printing technologies.

Silicone key fabrication. Mock-up transfer. (Live demo)

Importance of magnification. Loupes and microscopes.

Milling machines.

Bonding protocol.

Day 1

Aesthetic treatment planning: photo/video, smile design, digital and analogue
* Patient communication
* Principles of smile design
* Photo/video protocols for smile makeovers.
* Portraits and intraoral photos.
* Intraoral scanning (demo can maybe get a scanner in)
* LAB communication and shade
* Transferring of smile design to wax-up (digital and analogue) and mock-up
* Additive wax-up and mock-up
* Silicon indexes for preps and mock-ups 

(a lot of chat on day 1 but we could get them to do this on their computer with basic smile design software and on typodonts with luxatemp freehand and using a stent? Maybe start the preps?)

Day 2


Ceramic veneers : Prep, Provisional restorations, cementation
100% Hands-on program

* Step-by-step preparation protocol through the mock-up
* Scanning of preps (demo)
* Temporary veneers.
* How to take provisional veneers off
* Try-in of final restorations.
* Bonding protocols for porcelain veneers

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